We envision a culturally vibrant and engaged community of arts enthusiasts and practitioners collaborating with the community in preserving, promoting, and making culture a part of our livelihoods. Eventually, we want Karnali Arts Centre to become a cultural hub for learning and practicing various forms of arts and informing the next generation of Karnali and the world to love the richness of their culture.


We value:

  • the intrinsic worth of every individual, and the humanity and culture engrained in their lives.
  • an informed and engaged community exercising their rights to culture.
  • the ownership of the community towards their knowledge systems.


  • document, archive, and curate various tangible and intangible cultural heritages of the Karnali region like their stories, songs, architecture, and so on.
  • build an environment where the community can actively engage in the promotion of arts and culture of the Karnali region by conducting various events and festivals.
  • develop the skills of local artists in the Karnali region by conducting arts related workshops, trainings, and residencies.

Photo Credit: Narayan Bohaju