Hira Bijuli Nepali

Hira Bijuli Nepali is a theatre artist, and a film maker. He has been working in the field of performative arts in Mugu, Karnali for the past decade. He studied Theatre and Dramatic Arts from Gurukul, a pioneering theatre organization in Nepal.

Rajeshwor Malla

Rajeshwor Malla is our local team member who handles liaisons and communications for our projects. A student of electrical engineering, he is always coming up with resourceful ideas to unanticipated problems. He is an avid storyteller himself.

Bishnu Pariyar

Bishnu Pariyar is our local team member; a multi-tasker - handling our administrative and logistic needs as well as informing the research aspect of our projects with her vast knowledge of the traditional ornaments, costumes, songs, melodies, festivals, and rituals.

Nischal Neupane

Nischal Neupane is an environmentalist who is fascinated by people and their stories. He likes being outside, amidst trees, in the shadow of the mountains and on the shores of big, blue lakes. He works with designing and facilitating workshops for children.

Dipti Sherchan

Dipti Sherchan is a student of anthropology who loves listening to people and writing about those encounters. She works as a freelance researcher and is interested in designing and implementing research projects that can have a more applied value to the community.

Suyog Shrestha

Suyog Shrestha is an MBA graduate and co-founded Amuse Communications, a communication agency providing content creation and dissemination services to various organizations. He mostly handles any design related issues along with providing office space for meetings with unlimited supply of coffee and ideas.

Photo Credit: Sanjeev Maharjan