Our First Radio Jingle: Pampaa Phool

For our theatre production of the folk-lore based lyrical play “Pampaa Phool” performed by young artists of Gamgadi, Mugu, we put together a radio jingle to disseminate information about the details of the performance so that the community knew when, where, and why the play was being performed. It was the first time we put together a radio jingle but one of our participants, Devendra Karki had previous experience of working with audio materials and in a matter of few minutes, our jingle was ready! This audio byte was aired in the local radio stations – and while we walked in the bazaar (market area) to promote the play, we could hear it being played in various shops.

We Are Live!

After two years of maneuvering and figuring out the virtual world, we finally have a website! We cannot thank enough all the people who have supported us in this venture – from ideation to execution of projects, providing seed grants and funding opportunities but also little things that sometime go amiss – designing the logo for the organization, visual materials for the website, fixing the colors, reviewing the content, providing hosting space, and the list goes on. We would like to take this space – our very first blog post – to thank everyone for helping us realize our dreams!

Keep posted on this space for interesting content on the arts and culture of Karnali, our projects and experiences, and updates and news.

Happy New Year 2017!