Karnali Arts Centre would not have been possible without generous support and partnership with like-minded, enthusiastic, and proactive group of individuals, organizations, and community members. We have come to value this approach to working with the communities not only because it helps us with efficient project implementation but also because it creates a common platform for people to share and learn from each other.

As an arts-based, community-oriented organization, we are always looking to collaborate and creatively engage with various individual artists as well as groups and organizations sharing a similarity in the values we uphold. While we are still at a nascent stage, our visions have never been limited by this. We are constantly brainstorming, planning, and ideating concepts that are innovative, experimental, and experiential in nature.

Here are the three frameworks we are currently working on, and if you would like to join us, you can write to us at karnaliarts@gmail.com.


We would like to host curated residency programs in Mugu for artists, writers, researchers, photographers, visual artists, and individuals who are interested in the field of arts and culture in Nepal.


We work closely with educational institutions and students by conducting arts related workshops with the children. One of such workshops we conducted was “The Project Archive: Storytelling Series“. You can find out more about our approach through our Projects page. If you are an educator, facilitator, or organization which supports creative workshops like ours, then we are open to collaborations.


We are always eager to share our experiences, learning, and at times challenges. If you are an organization or group that provides platforms that help organizations like ours grow by holding discussions, presentations, and talks, you can contact us! We will be presenting some of our experiences at Martin Chautari on “कर्णालीका अमूर्त सम्पदा : मुगुमा कथावाचनको खोजीको केही अनुभवहरू” (The Intangible Heritage of Karnali: Reflections on the Arts of Storytelling in Mugu) on 24th January, 2017. You can meet us there; HERE is the event page.