The Storytelling Series is an arts-based, research-oriented community engagement project that aims to document, archive, and curate the intangible heritage of the Karnali region through their rich history of stories and storytelling culture. This project will involve a two weeks long residency in Gamgadi, one of the villages of Mugu district where a team of a researcher, a writer, a visual artist working with the medium of photography and videography, and a theatre artist. They will engage in an inter-disciplinary and anthropological exploration of the arts, culture, and histories of Karnali – told and retold, remembered and forgotten and remembered again – through myths, folklores, fables, and stories.

This project focuses on creating an experimental environment wherein oral narratives and visual narratives are inter-woven in order to facilitate a deep and connected dialogue amongst the younger and older generation of Karnali about their culture through the medium of stories.

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